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What is Strategy Linking Report

What is Strategy Linking Report

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What is Strategy Linking?

A tax-reduction concept that can save you a lot of money. It is...

> Linking one tax strategy >to another strategy >to another strategy

>you another strategy >> saving you taxes at  every link of this Chain-of Wealth Accumulation!

For example, one of my students Bob from Austin, Texas, used my Goldmine strategies to be an active real estate professional so he and his wife can deduct their property tax losses without limit even though their AGI is over $150,000. Here is their letter to me summarizing their positive results which exemplifies strategy linking

> We qualify as a real estate professional

> Freed up deductions to offset against our W-2 income; refund of $14,000

> Took us out of AMT, saved us $2,000

> Next year drastically cut our withholding to increase our cash flow by about a $1,000.00 a month.”
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