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The Business Builders LLC System

The Business Builders LLC System

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The Business Builders LLC 

The Complete E-System Of Business Entities For All Types Of Small Businesses With The Most Powerful Legal Documents …WITHOUT Expensive Lawyers

 Revised Edition With Audio Version          

A Structure That Reaps The Money-Saving  Benefits of All Business Entities – LLC’s, Corporations, Limited Partnerships -  Yet Avoids Their Pitfalls…Yielding The Optimum Combination Of Ironclad Legal Protection, Substantial Tax Savings With Total IRS Compliance!

 Tailor-made operating agreements specifically for business entities: C-Corporations, S-Corporations…

Plus extraordinary documents for a


 Sanctioned by little-known IRS Regulations…

“A Special Two-Tier LLC-Partnership” 

That has the best tax and legal benefits…than any other business entity, bar NONE!

Including a powerful “Operating Agreement Special Structure”with all essential provisions to enable this awesome vehicle to save you income taxes and employment taxes with…

NO highly-taxed W-2 salaries = NO withholding taxes

NO pain-in-the-neck payroll filings…Saving you time and money

Little or NO IRS audit-risk…So you are worry-free!

Much more!!

All of the above is fully documented with complete tax law cites and thorough factual research.  NO guess work!

  Do your LLC set-up

Complete all of the legal documents, quickly

 Do IRS partnership form 1065 – Specifically for this special structure (also for your CPA to do it right) More money-saving strategies 

 Any type business (other than real estate investments which is a specialty of its own that should be in a separate Real Estate LLC system.

 But this system can be used for a real estate related business such as a real estate broker, real estate sales agent, appraiser, property management company,  title company, contractor, mortgage broker, etc.

The 8 IRS requirements you must know to qualify for this particular structure with complete tax law cites. We make it easy for you, so there are no IRS problems

You can rest assure that just about all CPA’s and attorneys do not know about this powerful money-saving, but very-legal entity

 Easy-to-follow Checklist of Step-By-Step Instructions to get you quickly started to implement the system > so you can immediately save thousands!

About The Documents…They are both in blank and sample filled-in formats (ready to use) with step-by-step instructions.

_Larger print so you can easily read them; in plain language; in an easy-to-understand format; with examples for more clarity. 


These special LLC documents can be used to restructure existing business LLC’s.  Like can transform a debilitating LLC into a powerful vehicle of wealth protection that will save you substantially, every year!  You just replace the old documents with this system’s documents without having to have to notify the state, WITHOUT expensive lawyers.

                                                                              Business Owners Are Prime Candidates For Lawsuits!


Here is the Solution with the superior legal documentation of this system…

Protect Your Personal Assets > You operate your business in a separate entity, apart from you, protecting your personal assets from wrongful creditors, money-hungry lawyers, expensive lawsuits, costly partner disputes and the like.

Protective Entity Formalities - Minutes of meetings, resolutions, LLC ownership certificates…with step-by-step instructions and filled-in ready to be used >  To prevent piercing of the veil so your family assets are protecte

IRS > Another Demon! Without such formality, in the event of an audit, IRS may try to collapse the LLC entity in order to disallow  member deductions such as seminars, home-study courses, travel, entertainment, meals, auto, etc. You lose $$$!  But not with this system!


FREE IRS Set-Up:  Step-by-step instructions to easily, quickly and correctly complete IRS Form SS-4 for federal ID and Form 8832 for the proper LLC tax classification to audit-proof your tax returns and more.  Includes blank and sample filled-in formats.  Also for your CPA (many do these wrong). Complete reference guide to the Operating Agreement Special Structure - Shows you how to use the OA.  Gives you the important reasons for every OA provision so you can better understand and appreciate the powerful gems in this OA.


This program is manually sent by email no hard will be mailed 

Thank You For Your Tax-Deductible Investment, As Many Long Tedious Hours Have Been Put  Into This Exceptional System























































































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