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The Shield Protector System

The Shield Protector System

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Updated to the new IRS ruling

What’s the BEST WAY to protect your assets when you have a growing estate, need privacy, and bulletproof asset protection? Especially if you have large assets that need protecting and aren’t quite sure what a trust is or what one does… 

What LEGAL ZOOM and other online companies won’t tell you

Most people think trusts are the golden standard of asset protection.  

The truth is, the typical “trust” offers very limited protection for your estate. It doesn’t not enough to cover EVERYTHING that could happen if you’re sued, litigated, or prosecuted. 

The BEST way to protect yourself is NOT with what’s called a “living” trust which can easily be changed or vulnerable to a claimant, or a will (that can be revoked) leading to 100,000’s of dollars in losses and cause the loss of peace of mind which is PRICELESS.

For the best coverage and protection, you need to have:  The flexibility of a Trust, and the ability to structure an agreement that will allow you to keep your assets OUT of costly probate while ALSO being able to hide and protect them from creditors and claimants. 

Most don’t know this is possible and don’t know how to structure it correctly (at least from what we’ve seen in the field)

Online legal companies offer general legal agreements, but these agreements don’t have the depth necessary to fully shield and protect an estate.  

That’s why our legal team recommends the Shield  Protector  The ONLY System that has the power of three trusts in one. 

If you’re planning to do family estate legacy planning and:  

  • Seek total PRIVACY so that no one can snoop on your estate 
  • Create ironclad asset protection that safeguards your possessions
  • Want to avoid beneficiaries getting swindled and having your assets seized…

The SPS adds another shield to privatize and protect the following family assets all that have value that WOULD NOT be included in typical protecting asset structures, including: 

  • Membership shares of your LLC and other entities
  • Your home or vacation home, cars, RV’s, boats, and planes
  • Bank accounts such as brokerage accounts, securities, annuities, life insurance
  • Other personal valuables like jewelry, precious metals, antiques, art collection, and more. Shield Protector provides all necessary legal protection provisions: estate transfer instructions, estate tax matters… and puts them directly in your control.

There are NO negative tax consequences whatsoever and no IRS or local tax returns are necessary.    

So, our legal team made a resource that will cut through the B.S., so you’ll know EXACTLY how trusts can best serve you.  There’s no better structure for asset protection when you have an estate and want to make it IMPOSSIBLE to pierce, penetrate, or spy-on).

Inside this program you’ll discover:  

  • The Roman Shield Strategy for bulletproof asset protection (sometimes referred to as the “The legal-screw-the-creditors clause”)
  • Why going AGAINST a S.P.S gives a claimant a mediocre chance of winning, and LITTLE TO NO chances of collecting even if the lawsuit is successful
  • How the privacy from trusts can create a GIANT lawsuit blockade
  • The best way to AVOID huge probate expenses, legal disputes and hassles by transferring the legal title of property into a trust (which you can’t do with a will can’t do)
  • The history of the “trust,” which dates back to the ancient Romans yet remains SERIOUSLY misunderstood. 

The average price to structure this type of agreement can quickly run up to tens of thousands depending on how complex the estate. And the COST of NOT having an agreement like this in place and leaving your assets exposed can range into the $100,000’s… 

(“Reverse veil piercing” is just ONE example where an accident can bypass an LLC and through the backdoor wipe out the most experienced investor/estate owner if they’re not prepared and protected…) 

If you don’t want lawyers and claimants to be able to do this to your estate…    And also want a BULLETPROOF, LASTING Shield Protector System for yourself without having to go to an expensive ATTORNEY or LEGAL ZOOM (with expensive and time-consuming upsells) … 

We’ve created a ready-made solution that guides you ALL THE WAY THROUGH the process of structuring and creating your own S.P.S, with EVERYTHING set up so you can take full legal advantage

ASAP, without having to wait on anyone else…    We designed a thorough solution to guide you through the creation of the strongest, most airtight Shield Protector Trust agreements available.  All documents have been carefully crafted and designed by our legal team -- so you’ll have everything you’d get from an expensive legal consultation FAST without having an attorney charge thousands of dollars to draft these documents…      We specifically have fully customizable templates for SPOUSES and UNMARRIED

individuals who want to structure a binding S.P.S sooner rather than later.   

If right now you currently:   

  • Hate sitting through lengthy and expensive legal consultations…
  • Have a large or growing estate with beneficiaries to consider and need or want bulletproof protection right away…
  • Aren’t sure whether to visit a lawyer or gain more info on your own
  • Want to completely protect and shield your assets from prying eyes …

You can gain access to custom documents ready for you to structure your new trust this afternoon THAT WILL COVER EVERY SCENARIO you need and have it all written out in roughly the time it takes to fill out the names of your beneficiaries.  Inside you’ll find everything you need for airtight protection and provisioning of a Shield Protector System (each has clauses to handle any scenario that can arise…) 

  • TRUST CREATION, PARTIES – have each beneficiary laid out documented and laid out in the trust 
  • TRUST TYPE, PURPOSE – establish the ownership of the grantors, the management of bank accounts, financial brokerage accounts, securities and much more. 
  • TRUSTEES – appoints a trustee for your estate, establishes their powers, and names replacements and successors
  • GRANTOR(S) – establishes responsibility in the case of long-term incapacitation in and outside of longterm medical care
  • BENEFICIARIES – determines in detail who receives your assets
  • OTHER TRUST PROVISIONS – avoid fraudulent transfers and handles financial statements
  • TRUST TERMINATION AND SIGNATURES – determine what would happen in the event of dissolving the trust

(Form a comprehensive trust that will prevent you from losing your assets so you don’t have to worry about your beneficiaries and their inheritance) 

Even more benefits of buying today are:   

  • You’ll be less reliant on an expensive lawyer (who charge by the hour) and able to avoid crazy legal fees
  • You’ll have the ONLY definitive course for structuring a S.P.S   just add your personal details to it and you’ll have a fully customized trust
  • You’ll get the lowest possible price that we offer this course for, and this price is only available on this page, so take advantage of it now while the cost is only a fraction.
Again, the average price to structure this type of agreement can quickly run up to tens of thousands the more complex your estate. And the cost of not having it if your assets are located and spied upon by greedy lawyers or claimants can be YEARS worth of lawsuits.

Tiny loopholes can easily lead to $100,000’s of dollars if you’re not seriously careful.  So, we tried to set the cost at 1/5th the visit to a lawyer to structure an agreement like this, because it shouldn’t have to be so expensive (or so we figured.) After countless hours spent making this, we’ve refined it so that you can as a UNIQUE OFFER to get it for less than 500$, so that you can have the COMPLETE AND TOTAL peace of mind of knowing your estate is totally protected now and for good.  

Buy today and structure your BULLETPROOF S.P.S We aim to deliver the best legal information on the planet so you can save more and stay safe.  This program will give you the fastest shortcut to complete peace of mind and protection.

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