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Premier LLC E Book

Premier LLC E Book

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Real Estate Investors And Small Business Owners:

A New E-Book You Will Love…

Premier LLC’S

Unlock The Secrets To Make Your LLC An Extraordinary Vehicle Of Asset Protection And Tax Savings

Albert Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation

Partial list of the money-saving gems covered:

_Why most LLC’s (including yours) are worthless. How to transform a useless LLC into a Premier LLC protecting you from: Wrongful creditors, Money-hungry lawyers, Expensive Lawsuits, Taxes, IRS and Other Demons!

_The Insurance Myth! Unlucky 13 liabilities that insurance does not cover… which could lead to an expensive legal action...How a Premier LLC protects your family against these dangerous liabilities

_ BEWARE of rip-off Nevada entity promoters who lie to you about Nevada privacy and protection, give wrong costly advice and sock you with exorbitant fees… Save thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration by not falling victim to their scams.

_ Which state is best for your LLC? Find out.

_ The Most Important Legal Documents For A Premier LLC. Key provisions that should be included in an effective operating agreement

_ When setting up your LLC, how to be PRIVATE off the public records in any state. If they can’t see you, they can’t sue you!

ALERT: Most CPA’s and attorneys are not trained in the art of entity structuring and are giving you wrong costly advice.

9 Forms of Ownership you must avoid that are a legal detriment, or tax disaster, or an IRS audit trap, or all three!

_The IDEAL entity for real estate investments – Keepers and flippers

_The absolute best structure for small businesses (other than real estate)…for huge savings…FAR superior to an S-corporation

_How small business owners can save thousands in “garbage” self-employment taxes and invest the savings in a Roth IRA for thousands of dollars into exponential tax-free growth…Far in excess of future social security benefits…in your account, not SSA!

_Fully deduct any business net losses against other income… sidestepping IRS passive loss limits with little or no IRS audit risk…For more tax savings and more cash flow.

_Why an LLC for every property or business is not only expensive, but still does not totally protect you – A much better, easier and cheaper strategy you will love and so will your pocketbook!

_How good is the Series LLC? Lawyers like them, but find out the drawbacks and a better alternative

_More Great Lawsuit Prevention Strategies to stop lawsuits before they even get off the ground -The nucleus of asset protection!

_Who to use to form your LLC? Low-cost, effective sources without lawyers.

_When transferring real property to an LLC…Legally avoid the lender due-on-sale clause and any transfer fees. And do the transfer, free of income taxes and IRS issues

_Integrate your LLC with an Estate Planning And Asset Protection Trust for total protection of ALL of you assets.

How to best use a land trust.


_No legal-ese…written in plain, clear, understandable language

Save Thousands By Reaping The Hidden POWERS of Limited Liability Companies

With 82,000 lawsuits filed DAILY and IRS audits on the rise…this publication is a must!

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