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More Insider Secrets To Avoid IRS Audits

More Insider Secrets To Avoid IRS Audits

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More Insider Secrets To Avoid IRS Audits

IRS Audits Are Traumatic – Scary, Expensive, Time-Consuming, Aggravating And On The Rise !

But there is a SOLUTION

Special Report…

Powerful Insider Secrets To Avoid IRS Audits

7 IRS Forms That Could Invite An IRS Audit – How Not To Not File Them!
PLUS: A Powerful Unknown IRS Audit-Proofing Technique Almost Guaranteed To Keep You Out of The Nasty Audit Pile

Partial list of what you will learn:
  • Most IRS audits happen because you, or your CPA, does something wrong on your tax returns; or… do not do certain protective safeguards that you should have. If you know how, you can reduce or even eliminate your changes of a costly audit!

  • How to hide from the IRS! And it’s all legal!!

  • Be alert about filing certain tax forms that may seem beneficial for you, but are not. Also not required.  But they very well may cause the IRS to audit you.

  • IRS forms that you should never file…Learn the problem with each IRS form, the IRS trap and what to do, or not to do. 

  • Plus a POWERFUL UNKNOWN IRS audit-proofing technique revealed to Al by a former IRS evaluator who knows the IRS inside and out! You will be FLOORED when you discover this hidden treasure! And LOVE it !!!

  • PLUS another great audit-proofing technique by putting a STOP to do what most CPA’s recommend! Another SHOCKER!! The biggest cause of IRS audits is not the IRS, it’s most CPA’s… one of which may be yours !!!

  • The only resource solving this IRS nemesis so you can sleep a lot better and still save taxes! 
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