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Millionaire Tax Strategies E book

Millionaire Tax Strategies E book

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Save Hundreds, even Thousands, Every Year - By Discovering What Most CPA’s Do Not Know...

 Partial List of Money-Saving Gems…

  • Save Hundreds Even Thousands…By Reducing or Eliminating ALL Kinds Of Taxes – Income Taxes, Self-Employment Taxes, Capital Gain Taxes, Recapture, AMT; Medicare Surtax
  • AVOID IRS - Employ “Audit-Proofing” Techniques to Be Free of the Worry, Stress & Costs of IRS Intervention
  • AVOID Inept CPA’s (Most Are!) – Who give wrong costly advice. How to select the right one - save time & money!
  • Entity Selection - Start off with The Right Form of Ownership –Save taxes, Avoid IRS audits, Protect Yourself,
  • Single-Member LLC’S - Beware of Legal & IRS Pitfalls
  • Double And Triple Depreciation Deductions With No Cash Outlay Yet Create Cash Flow In Your Pocket - On Any Size Property – Small Or Large
  • Fully Deduct Assets All in One Year with Section 179 First Year Expensing
  • Reclassify Rehab Improvements into Fully Deductible Repairs – Immediate Savings in Your Pocket
  • More Overlooked Deductions for More Savings
  • Avoid IRS Passive Loss Limitations As A RE Professonial – Fully Deduct Unlimited Property Tax Losses Even if Over $25,000 or Your Income is Over $150,000, Even With A Full-Time Job
  • How To Safely Go Back And Recoup Past Paid Taxes = Found Money!
  • Totally Avoid Being a Dealer > Cut Your Taxes by 50% or More!
  • Use The 1031 Exchange To Totally Avoid Paying Capital Gains and Recapture Taxes When Property Is Sold. How To Avoid The 45/180 Day Exchange Deadlines… So You Do Not Rush Into A Bad Deal!
  • Reap Tax-Free Wealth with Self-Directed IRA’S. How To Have Checkbook Control, Protect Your IRA And Save Substantially In Custodian Fees And More.
  • Rent and Sell Property Tax-Free with Lease-Options
  • Tax Impact of Seller Financing – Benefits To Attain, Traps To Avoid
  • Totally Updated
  • In Easy-ToUnderstand Language
  • And More!

ALL Real Estate Investors Will Benefit …

  • Landlords\Rental Property
  • Beginners (even if you do yet own property),
  • Veterans
  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Wholesalers
  • Shortsalers
  • Rehabbers
  • Foreclosers
  • Commercial
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