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Investors Hall of Fame Package

Investors Hall of Fame Package

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This Package includes of our 3 Best selling Programs for New and Existing Real Estate Investors.  


The LLC Master Machine Asset Protection Program and Power Elite Trust Program 

LLC & Trust Asset Protection System

Complete System for the Formation, Organization & Operation of Limited Liability Company in All States' WITHOUT Expensive Lawyers

With this one-of-a-kind program, your new LLC will...

  • Give you ironclad protection of your personal assets and valuables
  • Give you the ability to save substantial amounts of taxes every year
  • Give you the power to defend yourself against IRS attacks
  • Prevent legal disputes and save you $1,000's in legal fees
  • Enable you to successfully operate your real estate business
  • Enable you to legally and safely deduct real estate education expenses
  • irrevocable trust

NOTE: The documents can be used to also restructure your existing LLC with these same great money-saving benefits.

This LLC forms package is specifically targeted to real estate operations. Thousands of hours and dollars have been put into this program. Nothing like it before has ever been created. You will not get it anywhere else.

The Renaissance Goldmine Program 

Focuses on the Tax-Saving side of real estate investments.
Its actions plans cover 40 major real estate tax strategies generating substantial savings with little or no IRS audit risk.
With its step-by-step action plans, it implements tax strategies for real estate investments, showing you how to do them.
Its own Q&A helpline for real estate TAX questions, a great CPA referral  program.
A TAX System.


Equity Stripping Excel Program 

The ONLY Solution To Stop Reverse Veil Piercing, Totally Protect Your Equity, Prevent Lawsuits From Ever Happening  Is The Low-Cost Equity Stripping

Equity Stripping Excel

Empowering You To Use Only Two LLC’s to Protect The Equity of Any Number Of Properties

Save Thousands in Legal Fees And Avoid Stress With This Ingenious, Proven Lawsuit Prevention Strategy

Equity Stripping Excel (or “ESE”) is a superior lawsuit prevention technique to prevent reverse veil piercing by using another second LLC (“lender LLC”) to create liens on properties in your “real estate LLC” so there is NO equity and NO target for claimants, money-hungry lawyers, other demons…along with total legal and tax compliance.

Included with the Hall of Fame Package you will received 2 years of email help  


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