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Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies

Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies

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Renaissance  Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies 

Updated to Current Tax Law Passed 

Real Estate Investors…Did You Know? 

·     Money Magazine and other sources reveal just about all tax returns are done wrong, by thousands of dollars.   

 ·     Most err in favor of the IRS! Not you!!

·     The wealthy know that taxes are a primary factor in determining whether you get rich or stay poor, because saving taxes is like making money. 

   If you leave your money matters (including taxes) up to most CPA’s, you will go broke.·    

  NO body, but NO body. cares more about your money than YOU! YOU Need To Control Your Money With The Nation’s Number 1Tax-Reduction And IRS Auto Proofing System…

The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

 Albert Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, RE Investor, Landlord

Dramatically Increase Your Cash Flow By:

v Saving Taxes Every Single Year

v Preventing Expensive IRS Audits

v Avoiding Bad Costly Advice From Inept CPA’s Socking You with Big Fees.


This Is How You CONTROL Your Money!

With a comprehensive manual, 15 audio CD’s and forms disk completely online and accessed through a members only website. 

the Goldmine includes  tax-saving strategies for every type of  real estate investor: Beginner, veteran, full time, part time and for every type of  real estate investing:  Landlording,  rental property, commercial property, lease-options, wholesaling, retailing, rehabbing, seller financing, paper, self-directed IRA’s, 1031 exchanges, and more. The Goldmine shows you how to implement these money-saving strategies with step-by-step instructions using special Tax-Reduction & Audit-Proofing forms  and strategies as follows:

  • Forms And Strategies To Substantially Increase Non-Cash Depreciation Deductions Via Cost Segregation Analysis: Double and triple your depreciation deductions with detailed forms that include over 70 documented personal property items that can be depreciated over 5 years, accelerated, rather than 27-1/2 or 39 years, straight-line. 20 more items than can be depreciated over 15 years, using accelerated methods. Other special forms will enable you to fully write-off the building much faster than 27-1/2 or 39 years.



Save $1,000’s in Consulting Fees! With these forms you do NOT need to hire a cost segregation consultant who would charge $5,000 to $10,000 or more and still not be as thorough as AL’s system!


  • Forms And Strategies To Maximize Repair Deductions: Put huge savings in your pocket by legally writing-off large capital improvements as fully deductible repairswith special forms that include over 70 documented deductible repairs, with tax law citations for eachitem. Includes a case study with filled-in forms and instructions.


  • Forms And Strategies To Bypass Passive Loss Limits So You Can Fully Deduct Unlimited Property Tax Losses Against Your Other Income: Documents over 90 activities to prove your business & management activities so you are no longer subject to passive loss limits and will be able to deduct any amount of rental losses (over $25,000), no matter how large, regardless of the size of your income (evenover $150,000).


  • Forms And Strategies To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Chances Of An IRS Audit: These special forms will keep you out of the audit pileand save you taxes, penalties, interest, legal fees, plus the time and aggravation of an IRS audit.


  • Forms And Strategies To Avoid Being A Dealer
  • Forms And Strategies To Eliminate Taxes On The Sale of Property
  • Forms And Strategies For 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges
  • Forms And Strategies For Installment Sale Reporting/Seller Financing


The Hundreds of Strategies in This System Are Completely Updated, Fully Backed-Up by an Arsenal of Tax Law Cites and Decades of Precedent In Understandable Language 


More Tax-Saving Strategies CPA’s Simply Do Not Know:


> Discover  rehab tax credits for improving historic or older properties, with such credits reducing your tax liabilities dollar-for-dollar in your wallet, whileincreasing the value of the property. (Most are clueless about this bonanza)


> Moredollar-for-dollar  low income housing credits to offset cash flow= tax-free income (also little known tax credits)

> Handicap accesstax credits for special property expenditures to accommodate the handicap and elderly (plus a nice thing to do)


> Avoid IRS disallowing interest deductionson your rental properties (esp. subject-to’s and cash out refis). These are little-known, costly traps for the investor...without the RenaGoldmine


> Tax-saving strategies for investing in  “Paper”


If you need assistance with implementation, you have at your disposal…


You do not have to do it yourself!

üYou may share the system with your CPA; or

We can refer you a premiere Real Estate CPA.

 CPA Referral Program

These are carefully selected CPA/Real Estate Tax Specialists who…


·     Have and know Al’s Renaissance Goldmine tax system

·     Personally trained by Al (have invested several thousands, so they are serious and dedicated)

·     Highly competent – real PRO’s!

·     Give excellent customer support and service

·     Very ethical – not rip-off’s

·     National – All over the country

·     EXTREMELY difficult to find (took Al many years).

More Overlooked Strategies In AdditionTo The Goldmine…Reap another $10,000  to $20,0000 of overlooked deductionson how to maximize deductions for your auto, travel (vacations), meals, entertainment, home-office, family expenses, fringe benefits, retirement plans, many overlooked deductions.  Convert non-deductible expenses into valuable powerful business deductions; much more.  Discover how one of Al's students used these strategies and ended up saving $19,000 a year on taxes in only 8 steps. Includes 10 audio CD's w/tracking; completely online and accessed through a members only website. 



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