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Equity Stripping Excel Program

Equity Stripping Excel Program

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Real Estate Investors: BEWARE of These Two Lethal Destroyers of Your Assets - Veil Piercing And Even WorseReverseVeil Piercing!

Veil Piercing - When a court ignores the entity and reaches the personal assets of the members. 

A properly structured LLC with proper formalities and documents (using The LLC Master Machine Asset Protection Program, ) can prevent the above from happening.

ReverseVeil Piercing(RVP) - Claimants attach the assets (equity) of the entity to satisfy a judgment against the individual member.

Many attorneys are now using RVP instead of regular veil piercing because it can be easier, and where there is substantial real estate equity, more profitable for the claimant who could end up owning your prime real estate. This, in turn, justifies higher legal fees; so it is also more lucrative for the attorney.  In fact so certain of winning the action, the attorney may even charge on a contingent basis for even higher fees.

Consequently, both the claimant and attorney are going to be much more tenacious, vigorous and ever persistent with the legal action… like freeing hungry lions out of their cage dashing after you.

This is SCARY!  An extremely dangerous lethal weapon against your unprotected equity.  

My student, Thomas Vareya from New York, told me about this case – “The real estate investor who was sued by the parents of their son a student who was a tenant of one of the investor’s properties. The student (tenant) locked himself out, scaled to the top of the house to get in, but fell and became permanently paralyzed. Their lawyer realized the investor had substantial equity so the lawyer sued using reverse veil piercing and won, wiping out the investor completely.”  See the solution that would have prevented this disaster below. 

See the solution below that would have prevented this disaster below. 

Do you want this to happen to you and your family? As there are more of these happening all of the time!

And even if the claimant is not successful in winning the lawsuit, you still LOSE…forking out expensive legal fees* to defend the action, plus the time, stress and sleepless nights. (*Only skilled attorneys are capable of defending reverse veil piercing and they will not be cheap.) 

To totally avoid all of this you need a highly effective strategy to prevent RVP lawsuits from ever getting off the ground in the first place (Lawsuit Prevention –The nucleus of asset protection).

NOT EVEN A PROPERLY STRUCTURED LLC IS THE SOLUTION! NOT EVEN A LAND TRUST!!  While a properly structured LLC protects your personal assets outside the LLC (veil piercing), it does not protect your equity within the LLC entity and does not prevent reverse veil piercing. NO entity does this. A land trust also does not do it. 

The ONLY Solution To Stop Reverse Veil Piercing, Totally Protect Your Equity, Prevent Lawsuits From Ever Happening  Is The Low-Cost Equity Stripping

Equity Stripping Excel

Empowering You To Use Only Two LLC’s to Protect The Equity of Any Number Of Properties

Save Thousands in Legal Fees And Avoid Stress With This Ingenious, Proven Lawsuit Prevention Strategy

Equity Stripping Excel (or “ESE”) is a superior lawsuit prevention technique to prevent reverse veil piercing by using another second LLC (“lender LLC”) to create liens on properties in your “real estate LLC” so there is NO equity and NO target for claimants, money-hungry lawyers, other demons…along with total legal and tax compliance.

Using an LLC for every property is not only expensive but also does not totally protect you! Multiple LLC’s do not totally remove the equity, they only segment the equity into a smaller size. They do not prevent reverse veil piercing!

For example, assume you have $300,000 equity in 6 properties which is $50,000 equity for each property in six separate LLC’s. You would still have $50,000 equity in each LLC which over time will grow to a larger size. (Even $10,000 of equity is a prime target, let alone $ 50,000!) Equity stripping totally removes the equity including future appreciation.

Plus you save thousands! It’s 2LLC’s vs. 6LLC’s. That’s 4 fewer state filings; 4 less accounting records; 4 fewer bank accounts; 4 fewer tax returns, 4 fewer annual state reports; 4 fewer files; 4 less whatever! You literally save $1,000’s in legal fees, accounting fees, bookkeeping fees, bank service charges, state fees and more! Plus you save your valuable time!

Equity stripping is the best deterrent for warding off claimants and their money-lust lawyers, so a legal action never/ever begins... in the first place! 

Equity Stripping Excel - The OnlySystem On This Powerful Wealth-Protection Gem. NOWHERE else will you find it!

Everything you need to implement with this downloadable e-system...

_Instruction manual -Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and examples for all types of investment properties and personal-use assets.

_Audio discussion -Audio version with tracking…referencing to the instruction manual.

_CD-Rom forms disk –With all necessary forms

_How Equity Stripping can be done without actual cash borrowing as a line-of-credit (like a HELOC) with the lender LLC recording the entire credit obligation in the public records for claimants and their lawyer to painfully see and retreat. You, therefore, can effectively do ESE with no cash and prevent RVP. We show you step-by-step.    

_ESE with owning properties in different states...Yes, you can still do it with only two LLC’s!

_Built-in safeguards to prevent lawsuits against the real estate LLC and lender LLC

_When more than two LLC’s will benefit you with savings

_Why Wyoming is better than Nevada for LLC’s

_Real world case study with step-by-step procedures with completed filled in forms. Learn how Al’s students Jason and June saved over $12,000 in legal fees in just the first year

_Proper Tax Reporting of the ESE loan for both LLC’sNO costly tax or IRS audit traps!

ESE/Asset Protection Email Helpline  
Email access to Al and his legal team for dependable customer support to answer any questions on equity stripping and guide you through the process.

Anytime you accumulate equity > Build it up, save it, protect itmove it, keep it. You accomplish this best with the ingenious Equity Stripping Excel!

The newly revised downloadable


PS: Remember,  Equity Stripping Excel is the ONLY way to protect your property equity and totally prevent potential disasters from reverse veil piercing! You owe it to protect your family!!   

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